What do you think of Trane vs Bryant air conditioning?

Trane is one of the best selling air conditioner manufacturers today.

A bad product may sell well, especially if it is considered hot. I mean, look at Snuggies.

Depending on which review site you use, Trane gets as many positive reviews as negative ones. But that is not bad, because Goodman and American Standard get two or more bad reviews for each positive one.

Trane costs more.

They are more reliable and have a longer and more comprehensive warranty for when they do break.

What about efficiency? Saving a lot on my electric bill might be worth it if the AC uses a lot less power.

Trane has air conditioners with efficiencies ranging from 13 SEER to 24 SEER. The 24 SEER are the most efficient, but they are also the most expensive.

I could get a smaller, more efficient AC.

An air conditioner’s tonnage refers to the volume of air it can cool and move. You do pay more for greater capacity, but a smaller unit can not cool your home fast enough even if it is more efficient.