Vital Pieces of Furnace Pilot

The furnace will subsequently start, automatically. So you head to the gas furnace to determine what’s happening. If you’ve got an older gas furnace, then it is extremely possible that in addition, you have a pilot light.

Details of Furnace Pilot

Some furnace problems aren’t as easy as a DIY fix. If after a few tries it still won’t stay on then there might be an issue with the furnace and a professional might have to be called. If the steps above don’t relight your furnace pilot light, you might have an issue with a different part of the furnace that necessitates troubleshooting and repair from a professional HVAC professional.

Furnace Pilot Help!

During the time you’re probably acquainted with a pilot light, you might not be mindful of the important gas furnace component called the thermocouple. In the event the pilot light isn’t going to stay or come on at all there could be an issue with the furnace. It is typically in the bottom of the furnace near a small knob. Naturally, an unreliable pilot light is something which you should worry about and fix when you notice it.

Top Furnace Pilot Choices

So long as you comply with the steps about how to light a furnace, you must have no issue, and your house will be warm and cozy very quickly. Gas furnaces have lots of moving parts, so they may be somewhat more prone to needing repair than other forms of systems. You need to know how to vent a gas furnace and do away with the damaging gases, for the health and safety of anyone residing in your building.

Start by turning your pilot light off, if it isn’t already. If you discover that you still don’t have any pilot and you followed all of the above actions or it did light but won’t stay lit then you probably are having issues with your thermocouple or the pilot assembly should be adjusted. Hlidskjalf Typically you’re searching for the smallest possible pilot to show your flame and light your primary burner.

The Secret to Furnace Pilot

In the event the pilot light goes out, then you’ll have to relight it. It is designed to burn all the time. Although it is small, it is one of the most critical components of your furnace. Often whenever your pilot light continually goes out, it is a result of the thermocouple. After the debris has been eliminated, the pilot light should remain lit alone. If it will not stay lit, contact your local HVAC contractor to adjust or replace the thermocouple. For optimum results, wash the pilot light every couple of months to keep it from becoming clogged.