Furnace Flame Sensor Options

The flame sensor is situated in the middle of the combustion chamber. When it stop working, on the other hand, gas leaks can occur. Keep in mind, if you attempt to check or fix the furnace flame sensor independently without taking expert help then it could also lead to create the machine defunct.

Be certain to secure capability to the furnace if you choose to try and pull out the sensor to clean it. The flame sensor is among the most delicate regions of the furnace and must be handled with care. It would normally hang down just in front of the left baffle. In most types of furnace setups, it should be located near the burner assembly. Your furnace’s flame sensor is basically a security mechanism.

The Principles of Furnace Flame Sensor You Can Learn From Starting Today

When the sensor has been taken away from the furnace all you’ll have to do is clean it with your emory cloth. The flame sensor another major safety feature. Undoubtedly the most frequent cause of a malfunctioning flame sensor is it has come to be excessively dirty.