New Equipment Installation

Atlanta Air Conditioning & Heating Pros can install new heating and air conditioning equipment for new construction. That covers both residential and commercial HVAC equipment installs and also includes replacing old equipment with new high efficiency models.

When choosing your new heating or cooling units we at Atlanta Air Conditioning & Heating Pros can assist you with determining exactly the model you need. Our experienced and trained technicians can create the perfect system to properly and efficiently handle the volume of air your home or building needs.

Highly Efficient New HVAC Units Save You Money

Reduce Energy Bills

Today’s Atlanta Air Conditioning & Heating are very efficient pieces of machinery designed to minimize your energy costs to run them and maintain indoor air comfort. Your old tired equipment may not even be up to today’s minimum government standards. There are also units that far exceed the minimum standards and meet the Energy Star ratings for devices that exceed minimum efficiency levels by 15%.

Upgrading old AC’s or furnaces can pay for themselves through the energy savings.

Reduce Energy Bills

Not only may your old unit be terribly inefficient but it likely requires more maintenance and repairs. New equipment will of course be less likely to break down. They will also be covered by manufacturer warranties.

Balanced Home Comfort Systems

Many consumers think of air conditioning and heating as a plug and play device. This is not correct. In fact our work entails intensive design work and many different trade skills to complete a top of the line installation. We have to design your system installation to provided the best operating efficiency conditions per manufacturer specs & local environment. Many years of school/training and experience gives us the knowledge to solve your airflow problems, air quality issues & temperature issues.

Atlanta Air Conditioning & Heating Pros uses many different skills such as plumbing, electrical and mechanical to complete your installation.

Our guarantees, warranties and craftsmanship prove our dedication to a satisfied and comfortable consumer.

Air Conditioners

Atlanta Air Conditioning & Heating Pros offers a full line of air conditioners, ranging in SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio) from 10.0 to 19.5. Whatever the size of your home and its cooling demands we have an Air Conditioning unit that will serve your needs perfectly.

To help you find the air conditioner that best fits your needs contact us today and we can help you to choose the best system for your homes needs and your personal budget.

Heat Pumps

A heat pump provides year-round home comfort. They are a dual purpose air conditioning unit that provide both heating and cooling. The heat exchange process simply reverses flow between summer and winter. They are extremely efficient as the energy consumed simply runs to pumps. It does not produce warm or cool air it simply takes it out of the outside air and places it inside your home.

During the hottest days of summer and the coldest days winter heat pumps work day and night to provide your family with premium comfort. Contact us today about installing or servicing a Trane heat pump for your home.

Gas Furnaces

Furnaces can be relied upon to comfortably and reliably heat your home during the cold days of winter. Not only do they perform well they come with many options for energy efficiency.

Efficiency is indicated by the Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency rating or AFUE. Atlanta Air Conditioning & Heating Pros offers a variety of highly efficient gas furnaces, ranging from 78% to 93% efficiency. We also offer variable-speed and two-stage furnaces, which can greatly increase your comfort level.

Contact us today about a new furnace for your home. Our qualified professionals can help you to choose the ideal model for your heating needs and your budget.

Air Handlers

Looking for Commercial or Industrial Air Handlers? View our Commercial HVAC Page.

Available with either single or variable speed motors, Air handlers make a significant contribution to the overall efficiency of your central air system. That’s because the more efficient your air handler is, the less work your outdoor unit has to do to make your home comfortable.

With different sizes to choose from for both space saving and to properly handle the volume of air necessary for the size of your home we will have the perfect air handler for you. Air handlers also come with different options, such as variable speed blowers, for added efficiency.

Contact us today to help you choose the right air handlers for your home.