The gearbox will most likely fail after just a couple of thousand miles with Dextron rather than the right fluid. Since these transmissions are created for the Jaguar platform they’ll make E Type conversions easy and economical. You won’t completely empty the transmission as quite a lot of fluid will stay in the torque convertor and in different places so that you won’t actually be pouring 15 pints into the filler hole even though it fills quite easily in the event you pour slowly and steadily. It’s much, much more than only a kick-down cable! The kick-down cable connected to the throttle linkage near the carburettors is much misunderstood.

Where to Find Borg Warnar Service

You’ll have time for a couple of quick dips to attempt to find an accurate level. The very first step in the rebuild process is a complete inspection. If you add fluid repeat the entire procedure prior to taking another level.